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Baccarat History

The other popular name of baccarat is the Punto Banco. This game was first played in France in the 17th century and since then it was played by the elite people of every society but now situation has changed. Note, that the history of roulette have also begun in France. The betting amount and payouts are become lower than the old time and for that the people from every class play the game. This is the elite game of most of the casinos and it has separate area in most of the casinos. This game can also be played on the online casinos and for this cause this game becomes more popular than other popular casino games within a short time. In the land based casino the baccarat table are to the craps table and 12-14 players played in the game with 3 dealers of that casino.

Baccarat Rules

The game has simplest rules than the other card games and it has two parties one is the banker and another is the player. Banco or Punto and the standoff are the only betting procedures for this game. You can find some casinos where players can deal the cards but for most of the casinos the dealer deals the cards. For online baccarat there is a virtual dealer who deals the cards among the players.

Player can bet on Punto or Banco but dealer must bet on the Banco. If the banker wins then the shoe will stay with banker but if the Puntowins then shoe will be sent to the next player. The card rules are really easy. 2-9 cards have their own face values where the ace has the value of 1 and the face cards and 10 cards have the value of zero. You will win the game if you have a total point 9 or 8 and your opposite player has less point than you have.

Two cards are dealt and you have to bet on your two cards point. It is more clear if consult some baccarat odds. If you have a point over 10 like 12 then your point will be 12-10=2 and this is the most thrilling rule of this game. You can play as the player or banker and the calculation said that banker hands have slightly higher odds than player's hand to win the game. So you can bet on the banker's hand but if you win with the banker's hand then you have to pay a 5% commission to the casino. The normal betting is 1:1 but suddenly the betting can be changed higher 8:1 or 9:1.

Though the odds of this game are about 50/50 so you have to learn all the rules and strategies of the baccarat clearly and only then you can play the game confidently.

Casino Insider

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