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Blackjack Tournaments

It would be quit a thing if you were to settle down for a game of Blackjack and accidentally find you have registered for a Blackjack tournament by mistake. The two forms of the same game are vastly different in technical nature.

The first significant difference between the two modes is the normal game of Blackjack is played against the house, whereas tournament Unibet Blackjack is played between players. Each player pays an entry fee to enter the tournament. The casino will take part of the fee for hosting the event and the rest will create the prize pool. Players are then handed the same amount of chips and the winner will be the player holding them all when the game ends.

Some formats of Blackjack tournaments allow a re-entry once you have been eliminated, but these are few and far between. Under normal circumstances once you lose all of your chips you are out.

When participating in a Blackjack tournament, Basic Blackjack Strategy is not as important. This is because the emphasis on your decisions changes from the cards to the number of chips each opponent is holding.

Blackjack tournaments are great for people who like to minimise risk and love playing the game. You know in advance that you are only ever going to lose the buy-in fee, and are still in contention for winning quite a big prize, especially if you finish in the top three places.

It is believed that the optimal strategy is to be aggressive as passivity rarely leads to success.

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