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What is Craps: craps is the game where two dices used to have a preferred score to win the game. before you start play the game you should better know how to win at craps. Every dice has 6 sides equal to 1-6 points so two dices have total 12 points and you have tog et your bet down on 2-12 points and if your preferred number showed after falling of two dice then you will win the game. if you consider there can be 6*6=36 combinations where the real combination will be 18 because two dices have the same numbers. As an example if you bet on 2 or 12 then that has a lower probability than any other score because for that case two dices must have the same value where other value will have better chances to show up. Craps is considered to be a table game, as well as roulette.

Craps for the Game Opener

This game opens with the opening bets on Pass Line or Don't Pass Line. If the player bets on 7 or 11 and the number appeared then the player will get 1: 1 winnings as the pass line. But if the number appeared as 2, 3 or 12 he will lose. On the other hand for don't pass, the player will win if the score is 2 or 3  and lose if 7 or 11 and 12 will be a tie.

After First Roll

After completing first roll and the number doesn't satisfy the upper rules then the number of first roll will be on the board as the Point and then the shooter will roll the dices again and if the player has the same value as the number he wins but if different number appeared the he loses and new game will start with new player.

At the End of Shooting Round

The bet Come or Don't Come is same as Pass or Don't Pass rules except that Pass comes at the starting of the game where Come comes after the Point.  So you have to do the same calculation for both of these rules except the Point.

Parting Words

Odds Bet

The odds bet for the craps is not only the best bet for the table but also the best for any other games in any casino. For this case the house edge is null and you will get all your betting winnings without paying a percentage to the casinos.

Worst of the Worst

This is another simple rule which you have to remember while playing the craps. Before play the game learn about the E and C circles labeled, learn difference among laying and buying and if you don't know about there terms then don't bet on them. Learn first then bet.

Shoot to Win

You have to learn the rules and strategies of craps to win in the game. don't spend more than you afford and have fun.

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