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There are so many strategies can be applied to the one of the most popular online casino games - blackjack. Hi Opt 1 card counting strategy is one of highly optimum (that is why Hi-opt) branch of card counting strategies. It is more advanced and complicated than Ko count or Hi lo count, and is suitable only for advanced blackjack players, not for the blackjack rookies. Hi Opt 1 counting strategy is more alike with the Hi Lo counting, but with some additional and more complicated rules and higher values for the cards, what makes it more difficult but as well more precise than other systems. Many call the Hi Opt 1 card counting strategy the Einstein Count.
Same as the Hi Lo counting strategy, Hi opt 1 is a balanced counting strategy, which means that the player that uses this strategy begins and ends counting with the same number. Like the Hi Lo strategy the number in the Hi Opt 1 is zero. If at the end of the game the player ends the count at zero, it means that he/she counted cards correctly. It doesn’t depend on such things like banking options, for example. If not – than there were mistake in counting.
Same as in the Hi Lo counting strategy, the main principle of the Hi Opt 1 counting strategy is to give a player advantage over the house by counting the number of high valued cards left in the shoe. It is almost a vital necessity to know how many of high valued cards are left in the deck.

How to count

The Hi Opt 1 card counting strategy as well as other counting strategies involves adding and subtracting numbers, assigned to the cards. Each card has its number, which are:
3,4,5 and 6 – are +1
2,7,8,9 and Ace are 0
10, Jack, Queen and King are -1
When cards are appearing on the blackjack table the numbers should be added or subtracted accordingly to their values. All cards on the table should be counted during the game!
As you can see there are not much differences between Hi Lo and Hi Opt 1 counting strategies, but there are some. The main is that Aces and 2’s must be counted as zero, and if 2’s do not really make much difference in the game, it is completely another deal with the Aces. It is so because of the changes in aces totals in the game – ace can be 1 and 11 at the same time. If the hand is too small to exceed 21 points ace will be counted as 11, if not enough – ace will be counted as 1. Of course this doesn’t mean that aces have no particular importance in the game. They are important. So during the game the counter should as well consider aces that fall out of the game. Ken Uston, one of the most famous and honored blackjack players recommends counting aces with the players fits.
Because of small, but important differences Hi Opt 1 card counting strategy is much complicated than others and requires more attention from the player during the game, that is why this is an advanced system for advanced blackjack players.
As always let us mention, that any counting strategy is nothing more than just an addition to players basic blackjack strategy.

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