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The Hi Opt 2 (high optimum) card counting strategy is more advanced and complicated card counting strategy. It is far more complicated then Hi Opt 1 counting strategy, and suits only for real blackjack professionals. It is strongly not recommended to use Hi Opt 2 without complete knowing of Hi Opt 1 counting strategy. The Hi Opt 2 strategy gives not much more of an edge above the Hi Opt 1, but if you are a skilled professional, this small edge makes a difference. This should be more interesting as playing the best online slots. So, let’s move on!
As the Hi Opt 1 the Hi Opt 2 is a balanced card counting strategy, where you need to count cards beginning from zero and need to end up with zero as well. If in the end of the game, before shuffling, player counted not a zero - the player has mistaken somewhere in the game count.
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Also, same as Hi Lo count and Hi Opt 1 in the Hi Opt 2 the main target is to count and predict all the high cards in the deck, because big cards give more advantage to the player, not mentioning the blackjack, the best card combination in the game, which consist of two big cards such as any ace and any other card from 10 to king.


You are probably interested in what is the difference between Hi Opt 1 and Hi Opt 2. The difference begins from the value of cards assigned to them for counting. If in the Hi Opt 1 all cards have +1,-1 or zero points, in Hi Opt 2 there are cards with +2 and -2 points.
Let us show you the assigned card values of the Hi Opt 2 card counting strategy.
Cards 2,3,6 and 7 must be counted as +1.
Cards 4 and 5 are counted as +2.
Cards 8,9 and Ace are counted as 0.
Cards from 10 to King must be counted as -2.
As you can see the difference is huge, and Hi Opt 2 is far more complicated then Hi Opt 1. As well as in Hi Opt 1 in Hi Opt 2 ace is a zero, but it is better to always remember the number of aces left in the deck. Remember without aces there can be no blackjack! Many players count aces separately from the basic card counting. Many use chips, fingers and so on to keep the track on aces. So it is highly important to count aces, and adapt your strategy according to their number. Aces can be added to the count as well. For example, if the dealer dealt a quarter of a deck with no aces, you can add +1 to your count. On the other hand, if the dealer dealt two aces in first quarter of the deck, you can count it as -2 from your count. But if you are a rookie keep the card count and the ace count separately.


The main idea of strategies like Hi Opt 2, if you remember, is to count high valued cards. The more high cards left in the deck the better it for the player. According to this the best time to raise your bets is when there are many high cards left in the deck. For example, if the number you counted is a large positive number it means that most of the high valued cards left in the deck – so it is time for a big game. The bigger the number the better your chances are. If your number is a big negative one it means that there are not many high valued cards left in the pack, but more of low cards. Which means it is better to be careful and bet less in order not to lose money.
The main thing that you need to bear in mind that the Hi Opt 2 card counting strategy is highly complicated! It is important to be absolutely concentrated on the game! As you may already know, it is very hard not to be distracted in casino, especially while playing. So if you can’t do it, we would highly recommend you not to use the Hi Opt 2 card counting strategy.

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