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Is bingo losing its identity?

Online casinos provide a various array of different games, most online casinos such as Paddy Power will have the popular games such as blackjack, the slots and roulette for example. Recently there has also been a steady increase of bingo being included in the online casino hand.
Some online bingo games are fairly similar to the slots, as in the sense that there is little physical participation required from the player.
One style of online bingo requires the player to simply press start, this then triggers a selection of numbers to be called out and when a number on your card is called it is automatically crossed off the list. Depending on how long it takes the machine to cross of all your numbers will determine how much money or how bigger prize you win.
The longer it takes for all your numbers to come up the less you will win and the less time it takes for all your numbers to be crossed off the more you will win.
Some traditional bingo players may find this style of bingo unsatisfying due to the fact that it eliminates one of the key strategies of bingo, which requires you to be aware of what’s on the card and what’s been announced at all times, as the machine does this for you.
With this in mind this style of bingo shares a lot in common with the slots. Where the player presses start and the machine instantly takes control and selects at random a series of images / items which either match or don’t match the card next door. The more matches the more you win, the less matches the less you win.
Due to the lack of player participation or concentration required for some online bingo games it is now also popular to have chat forums associated with an online bingo game where players can spend their time focusing on socialising opposed to what numbers are being called out.
With all these online adaptations of bingo it would be interesting to see how much the online world of bingo actually resembles the real game and whether bingo is starting to lose its real identity.

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