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Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker is one of the popular version of original poker game and the rules of this game are quite easy to learn. This is a game where you can use your basic instinct to learn the game. the payouts and the odds to win of this game are higher than other version of poker game but you have to know the game rules and strategies first to have greater win in this game. this is a game where learning the rules are really easy for a new player and you can start playing the real game within a few days of your learning completed.

Where to LearnPai Gow Poker

There are many places where you can learn Pai Gow Poker but you have to learn it from a reputable and reliable place that you can trust who will tell you all the rules and strategies including hidden rules of this game. It is better to look over some casino reviews to know what kind of casinos are appropriate. Golden Palace is such a place where you can get all the information about this game. this is online casino where you can learn and play most of the popular casino games for free and they are the leading online casino for real money play. They have the most updated software to play every game and you must learn how to use the free Pai Gow Poker to play online.

How to Play

You must know how to play the game then you can play the free version Pai Gow Poker on there. You can also learn the basic steps to start playing the game form Golden Palace so that will not be a problem at all. You have to make two big hands and this will be the starting of the game. if you have 2 cards hand you can't beat the 5 cards hand. Then the highest and the second highest hand will make the play. You can bet only one time in this game and there will be no chance to increase or decrease your betting amount. So whenever you make your bet first think about your hand if you have the confidence that you have a strong hand which can beat the other highest hand then you can bet a large amount otherwise you have to bet a lower or very lower amount.

If you are a newer player then betting lowest amount will be perfect for you and when you have the experience a lot about playing the real money betting game and you have the confidence that you have learnt a lot about the game then you can bet higher than usual. We think you can learn a lot of information about Pai Gow Poker from us and it will an honor to us if you learn from us and recommend your friend to learn from us.

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