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How to Win at Craps

Craps has the lowest house edge of 1.4% to win at craps among most of the casino games where the blackjack and baccarat have the lowest house edge compare with other casino games but the rules of these two games can be different and house edge can defer casino to casino. If you got the correct chances then the casino will pay for those chances where for other games you have to win the game to get payment.

Type Of Bets

When you are making your bet then the Pass Line and the Come are the best situation to get your bet down. You can take chances for the Pass and the Come bets huge times than the original bet. The betting amount can be 20 times higher than the original bets. Most of the casinos allows at least 5 times greater than the original odds and surely this will increase the betting amount and getting higher payouts. If you increase your bet the risk of losing higher amount will also increase so you have to make sure that the odds are greater than usual.

When to Bets

The Pass Line and the Come bets are the most useful bets to win at craps and you must not to lose and chance to bet on these positions because if you use your odds successfully you will get enough chances to win a lot. So these are the perfect positions when you make your bet and if you are confident about the positions then you can increase your betting amount continuously and you when you win a lot only then you can increase your betting amount otherwise you have to bet the minimum amount on the game.

How to Increase Your Bets

When you are winning the game and have profits for last 5-6 games then you can make your bet higher but don't make your bet more than 2 times higher than your original bet because if you lose on that game you can lose all your winnings of your last few games. If you win that game too then you can increase your 1 time higher than the previous bet and so on. In this way you can win a lot of payouts and if you lose a game you will have enough money in hand to begin the game from starting.

Though, gambling has huge chances to lose money so whenever you bet just make sure that you don't bet above your effort you can make easily.

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